Marinium Scientific Sea Salt

Marinium Scientific Sea Salt is a synthetic salt mix that is used to prepare high quality seawater for the fish-only marine aquarium. It is designed for rapid disolving rate ideal of economical uses both for the hobbyists as marine fish stores and holding facilities.

All of the ingredients are selected for their high purity, ensuring the absences of pollutant such as phosphate, silicate and nitrate. With a small grain size, low moisture content, inclusion of anhydrous compounds and blending of special chelating agents, Marinium Reef Sea Salt is able to dissolve rapidly and produce crystal clear seawater. It is ideal for long term use due to its buffering compound capacity which protects the aquarium from sudden declines of pH.



  Available Size :

200 Liter Mix - 7 kg
500 Liters - 18 kg

Calcium Level : 350 to 380 ppm
Magnesium Level : 1150 to 1200 ppm
Alkalinity : 7 to 8 dKH

Based on 36 ppt at 25 degree Celcius